SEO BLOCKS for Shopify


As you know Shopify has some SEO weaknesses when it to the URLS structure, duplicate URLS, no canonical links, duplicate content, little to no content blocks, H2s, social cards, etc, etc. So if you don’t make these SEO fixes and add these sections yourself, your site is at a major disadvantage. Until now!

What You Will Have

Simple Blocks


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How To Add Blocks

Once you have the app installed, you click Add Block and you will see the full sitemap and you can choose what page you want to add a new block on

Choose which content block type you want including

HTML Content Block

Read more expanding block

FAQ Accordion

Content Tabs

Amazing 1 column or two column content slider

What Not To Do

Duplicate Pages

Don’t add the same content block to every page of your website, that is duplicate content. Even though you can do it, don’t, you will kill your rankings.

Duplicate Content

Don’t take content from other websites, always, always, always write 100% unique content that is SEO optimized to a page.

Optimize Graphics

Don’t add a bunch of graphics blocks to your website with unoptimized graphics. You Must optimize your graphics before you add them to the website. The plugin will not optimize the graphics for you. There are other image optimize graphics for that

Load Speed

Pay attention to your load speed. Just because you can now add anything you want to any page, you SEO blocks wises and don’t over do it. Your goal is 1500 to 5000 words a page, but only if you graphics are optimized. If you have a slow load speed, make certain to optimize your graphics and theme first before adding additional content.


Will SEO Blocks Slow Down Your Site?

Here is the link to the documentation. Or you can contact us and we will get it installed for you for free.

Are the content blocks backup?

Yes, they are backup and even if something happens to Shopify we can restore your SEO content

What happens when I uninstall the app?

  1. This will never happen as we know you will love our Shopify SEO App. But if you do, we will automatically remove all the liquid tags, social tags, canonical links and any code that was added on install.  We always clean up after ourselves. 😊

Where do I get the Content for the SEO blocks?

 You need to write the content or have a copywriter write the content for you.  SEO blocks does not provide content or graphics. Just the blocks for you to put the content in.

Where are the content blocks stores?

The content blocks stores are in both places – one in the Shopify and the other in our backup cloud

Are SEO Blocks secure?

Yes, they are secure like Shopify content – we use Shopify API for all connections with Authorization using HTTPS Secure connection channel.

Will the SEO Blocks Increase my rankings?

If you use the SEO blocks to add good optimize content that is aligned with you SEO strategy, does not overlap the targeted keywords on other pages and that adds value to people searching and viewing your website.  You will see an increase of content. We recommend over 1000 words of content a page.